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Personal Projects

Project 01 | Desktop CNC​ Rev 02
Based on the first version of this design (shown below), this new CNC was designed to machine more accurately, and at greater speeds. Utilizing aluminum extrusion was a DFA motivated improvement that drastically reduced assembly time and greatly increased the rigidity in the frame. With the current design, profiles can be machined into wood varieties and MDF blocks to within 0.15 mm of accuracy. This design is constantly evolving as shown by the differences in the image compared to the most up to date render and video.
Project 02 | Steam Engine
This Desktop Steam Engine will spin a flywheel continuously given a fluid input. It was a completely original design, in which pressure, temperature, and humidity played a key role in how geometry was defined, materials were selected, and components were manufactured. One of the largest driving factors of the design was the ease in which components could be machined, as this would ultimately drive down the cost and time required to manufacture the steam engine.
Project 03 | Arduino RC Car
The Arduino RC Car started as a challenge to test the capabilities of a 3D printer that I had access to. The goal was to build all the custom components using the 3D printer. The car uses a DC motor to drive forwards and in reverse, and a simple Ackermann steering system combined with a servo motor that allows the car to turn. The car is controlled from an app, that connects to the RC car on a HC 06 Bluetooth module to communicate with the onboard Arduino.
Render 2.JPG
Project 04 | Desktop CNC​ Rev 01
This 3 axis desktop mill was designed to cut soft metals and plastics. The design was focused on using simple manufacturing techniques to create parts that can be accurately assembled in order to optimize the resultant part tolerances possible. The second version of this project is currently in development, and focuses on using aluminum extrusion to create a more rigid, and reliable frame for mounting.
Project | 06 Smart Coffee Maker​
This group project is a smart coffee maker, that would collect data throughout the night about the quality and duration the user slept, and would brew a custom beverage based off of the quantity of caffeine it was assumed that the user required. This project was entered into a pitch competition in which we were eliminated in the final round. 
Project | 07 Aluminum Extrusion Brackets
This project was brought about from an interest in selling a custom product. These were created and used for the desktop CNC, and due to their low cost and ease of fabrication it led to them being sold on Amazon. While no longer active they can be found at this link.
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